Managing Director - Kirwin Hamman CSA (Food Safety)

Kirwin has been working in the food safety industry for 30 years and has a wealth of experience in improving food safety standards to a range of clients globally.

Kirwin initially started working as a government food inspector both in Australia and England before he branched out as a private food safety consultant working throughout Europe.  Kirwin has worked with numerous food businesses improving their standards including industries such as hotels, food manufacturers, cruise liners, retail, restaurants, aged care, hospitals and warehousing.

Kirwin is an internationally registered lead food safety auditor with Exemplar Global and certifies food businesses worldwide and is also a registered food safety auditor for 3rd party government regulatory audits for most food sectors within Australia.

Kirwin is also a registered trainer with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (C.I.E.H.) and is certified to facilitate all food safety training courses accredited through the C.I.E.H.

Kirwin has also been developing and assisting in the implementation of food safety programs for all sector food businesses and is respected globally for his work in relation to driving improvement and sustaining world-class food safety standards for EHC clients.

Kirwin started EHC in 1996 and over the past 20 years, has grown the business to a leading audit and training company in relation to food safety worldwide. 

Kirwin has also provided numerous keynote presentations for companies in relation to food safety.