In relation to the requirements of food businesses in Asia Pacific, The Environmental Health Consultancy (EHC) now provide consultancy, training and audits in relation to food defense or food security systems.

The food defense system should form part of your company's food safety program requirements, no matter what standard your program is developed and implemented to.

Our services include the following:

Food Defense Programs

EHC can provide a food defense risk assessment that will enable us to develop and assist with the implementation of the company's food defense program. Such a program would include, at a minimum, the following:

  1.     Recall and Crisis Management
  2.     Internal Audit System
  3.     Customer Audit Policy
  4.     Regulatory Inspection Program
  5.     Guard Services Program
  6.     Outside Contractor Policy
  7.     Chemical Control Program
  8.     Visitor Entry Policy
  9.     Employee Locker Inspection Program
  10.     Facility Water Control Program
  11.     Access Control Program
  12.     Human Resources Program

Food Defense Training

EHC can provide training in food defense methodology to all levels from basic to advanced strategies. Basic Food Defense Training Courses start from three (3) hours with Management Food Defense Training Courses being two (2) day sessions.

Food Defense Audits

EHC can provide a detailed assessment of both on-site and documentation standards in relation to food defense at your site. This is a two (2) day audit and not only provides feedback in relation to your present situation on food defense but will also provide your company with the guidelines to work with to improve any opportunity that might be identified during the assessment.

If you are interested in using EHC for your food defense systems, contact us on +61 2 9570 2822 for further details.